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  • Chiayi County is located west of Yushan, east of the Taiwan Strait, north of Tainan County, and south of Yunlin County. The administration of Chiayi is divided into two cities, two urban townships, and fourteen rural townships. They are Pozi City, Taibao City, Dalin Township, Budai Township, Zhongpu Township, Zhuqi Township, Meishan Township, Yizhu Township, Minxiong Township, Dongshi Township, Lucao Township, Liujiao Township, Fanlu Township, Shuishang Township, Alishan Township, Dapu Township, Xingang Township, and Xikou Township.

    Minxiong connects with Zhuqi and Meishan in the east, Dalin Township in the north, and faces Chiayi City in the south with Niuchou River as the border. It is the distributing center of mountain agricultural products. Among the 18 towns of Chiayi County, Minxiong has the highest population density and is also the most developed town in regards to education, industry, and business. Minxiong is also the transportation center for railway, highway, and National Highways No.1 and No.3. It also has highway interchanges and provincial highways connecting to other places, which makes it a major town in Chiayi County.

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